We are sorry to welcome you on our site! Yes, you understand correct. Because most probably you visit our site, because you have a problem!


Many have got problems!

  • Problems, because their pool is loosing water.
  • Problems, because they would like to have warmer water for swimming.
  • Problems, because they are not happy with their pool cleaner.
  • Problems, because they are having troubles with the cleaning and disinfection of the water.
  • Problems, because their pools are not looking nice any longer, or may even be a risk for their health.
  • Problems, or let’s better call them luxury problems, because they cannot decide, if they rather go for a Finish Sauna, a Steam bath, or an Infrared Cabin.

Congratulations – either you are one of they few users which does not have a problem – or because you found now a competent partner, who can help you to solve your problems!


Our company is established since 12 years by now, and one of our task is, not only to make money (even if this is very hard to believe!), no really, we would also like to help you with your problems and give you advice with all the experience we have got. And if we believe that your plans (such as solar heating on a north orientated roof, pool repairs bits by bits and so on…) do not make sense, we will always tell you

And all this free of charge!

Then all of you have probably had bad experiences with “professionals”, which know and do everything. Or you know at least someone who had this bad experience.
And because one learns out of his mistakes….we recommend you, to work with people which understand their job!

We believe that we do so!


We are different partners; some of us leave and work for more than 20 years on the Costa Blanca. And are involved in the fields of swimming pool, solar and conventional heating, electrics or wellness.

Or like myself, I have got my knowledge more from “Learning by doing” – you should have seen my pool 15 years ago, when it has been built (PH, Alkalinity or Saltwater system were not in my vokabulary in those days…)

Give me a call under 646 581 740, or pass by at the shop in Benissa, oposite Mercadona on the N332, between 10.30-14.00 hours from monday to saturday