Pool Liner Renovation in Altea Hills
Just finished our 1. renovation with TOUCH, a high quality PVC Liner from ALKORPLAN great touch, diferent colours, very happy clients Read more
New sand or crushed glass in your Pool Filter
Special spring offer to get your pool water clean and sparkling again! We change the sand in your filter absolutely for free, and therefore you give us the pool maintenance! Prices starting from 700.– per year, all chemicals included! Offer valid from Denia to Altea la Vella, simply due... Read more
Coronation repairs
We do repair the so called coronation, or sourrounding, with a special Mineral coating This gives much better result then normal corona repairs, and painting is only a solution for 2-3 years before the colour breaks away and yo do it again and again With our Mineral Solution you... Read more
Pool Solar Installation in Calpe
Your swimming pool water reaches 23 degrees in december? with 4 vacuum solar collectors, a heat exchanger, but without a cover?   I know, you probably think its fake news….no, it is posible to swim even in winter with Solar Heating, obviously enough absorber space and a good instalacion... Read more
Special New Years offer!
In each new maintenance contract we include 2 hours garden maintennce for free!   We do the regular pool service, one time a week from october to mey, twice a week from june to september, and as a gift we do any work in your garden – this can... Read more
Pool renovation with REVESTECH
REVESTECH is a pretty new flexible Plasric liner on the market, which permits to repair pools and garantee a flexible, durable result! All tiles have to be removed, also on the steps, with a special glue and a tape together with the liner the pool is coated  – then... Read more
Soon it is time to renovate your pool! Regrouting for only 800.– EUROS !
Now is the right time to do something about the affected grouting in your pool, which can be caused by time factors or low quality of the water over a longer period. Especially now many pools are low on Alkalinity and low PH, these results to eaten up the... Read more
The right pool cover for each season!
One thing is clear – using a pool cover with your solar installation, will amount the temperature between 3 to 4 degrees! There is a lot of different covers on the market, manual or automatic ones. The ultimate way to gain a maximum is a aluminium-policarbonate cover, low or... Read more
Solar Pool heating! 2990.– Euros for your 8×4 pool!
We call them solar absorbers, many call them also solar panels or solar colectors – they are made from EPDM, a polyetilen material which is solar resistent and also not damaged by the chemicals in the pool water. It is a simple technique, which was invented over 30 years... Read more
Pool Heat Pump – to extend the season and even in winter eficient!
Why heat a swimming pool? You are the happy owner of an outdoor swimming pool. HOWEVER, your family is only able to fully profit from your pool during the few summer months. A few more degrees is all that is needed to take full advantage of your pool. THE... Read more