Now it is time to change the sand in your Pool Filter!

Your pool water is not as clear as it used to be? When hoovering the floor, dust adn dirt is coming back through the jets after a short while?

Then you understand, that the sand in you pool filter is used up, shaped roundish, and cannot hold the dirt anymore

Also a lot of bakteries, suncream, copper sulfat and more nasty things have accumulated in there….

We change now your sand for only 1.– EURO per kilo, transport and labour includede!

Or spend a bit more money on crushed glass, anti baktery treated and lasting much longer, the manufacturers say that there is no need to chang any more as long as lifespan of your filter is!

Swim in clearer, healthier water, and if your clean your pool yourself, save time and nerves!!

Call us, you also can only buy either sand or glass, 646 581 740