The right pool cover for each season!

One thing is clear – using a pool cover with your solar installation, will amount the temperature between 3 to 4 degrees!


There is a lot of different covers on the market, manual or automatic ones. The ultimate way to gain a maximum is a aluminium-policarbonate cover, low or high, combined or even attached to a wall, gives you depending on the season, between 6 to 10 degrees!


There is also slatted covers from polycarbonate, energizing heat from the sun and boost your system even more!


Yes indeed, not everybody can afford to spent up to 30 000.- Euros on a cover. The cheapest way of covering is a bubble solar cover on an aluminum roller, about 1000.- Euros for an 8×4 pool.


We can give you any information on these items, and tell you the best shops to buy them!